Internet Marketing for Small Business – Aleta Internet Marketing – Video Marketing, SEO etc.

Internet Marketing for Small Business – Aleta Internet Marketing – Video Marketing, SEO etc.

At Aleta Internet Marketing we provide Internet Marketing solutions for small business.
We provide services that include professional website creations, SEO, Youtube SEO, Video Marketing, Business Consultancy.
All of which will increase your sales and revenue in a very short period of time.
Do you have a great idea that could make a lot of money but you don’t know how to market it?

Internet Marketing for small business is what you need to start turning that idea and potential money into a reality. Internet Marketing exposes your product to the masses.

In 2010 £58.8 billion was spent online in the UK alone. Where is your piece of that £58.8 Billion?

Trained by one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs (Simon Coulson) Aleta Internet Marketing have the know how to get internet marketing on your side and generating you money whilst you sleep.

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We also provide Video Marketing which is the upcoming advertising and internet marketing medium. Stay up to date with the ever changing world of consumer business.
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SEO (rank number 1 on Google), this service is the most popular amongst our internet marketing tools and methods. Did you know that 42% of people that search on Google will click the first listing on Google in the organic results, compared to 20% who click on the ‘paid for’ advertising and 11% that click on the second listing.

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Youtube SEO- Similar to the above but ranking top spot in youtube. Google now own youtube and will rank websites with videos and videos themselves higher up their list of results than those without. It is an essential internet marketing tool and a must have to change with current trends. Did you know that 4 billion videos are watched on youtube EVERY DAY! Get your marketing/ sales video to the top of youtube in your particular field and boost the traffic to your website, increase your sales and revenue.

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Social Media Marketing- A vital big player in internet marketing for small business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+. With a combined 1.5 Billion users social media has huge marketing potential and very few are taking advantage of it. Look at the big players and see what they are doing, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Currys Pc World. They are investing big bucks into social media to get the marketing message out there!

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Internet marketing works with every business, every idea in every situation. With the majority of consumers looking to the internet to buy goods then it’s time you got online and maximized your business potential and start using internet marketing.

Don’t miss out on the biggest business opportunity to get BIG return with very little effort.