Grow Your Small Business with Hyper-Localised SEO

Grow Your Small Business with Hyper-Localised SEO

Learn what hyper-localised SEO is and how you can use it to grow your small business visibility online and beat the competition by targeting more specifically than ever before.

Hi, it’s Aaron from The Evergreen Academy.

In this video I want to discuss hyper-localised SEO as it’s a really hot topic right now, you may not of heard about it?

Well if you haven’t it is similar to local SEO but now thanks to Google becoming more and more intelligent you can now localise your on-page SEO in a more refined way and get seen online in your local town, village and even down to certain roads and postcodes.

It’s very clever and means you as a small business owner can compete with some of the bigger competitors by focusing your on-page SEO and your content towards your exact target area.

Hyper-localised SEO is especially useful if you work in a big city say London or Manchester, normally you would just target that location and have to compete with everyone else in that area, whereas now you can localise more specifically to where you are located and benefit from hyper-local searches.

This is invaluable for business owners as more searches than ever are being done on mobile phones when people are out and about so for anyone searching for your services who are located near to your business physically they will see you in the results more prominently.

I have been helping businesses for years by using hyper-localised SEO and it’s something you might not of thought about so I wanted to shoot this quick video and share these ideas with you.

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Many thanks