Business Videos – Small Business Video Marketing SEO Services

Business Videos – Small Business Video Marketing SEO Services

Business Videos – Small Business Video Marketing SEO Services 772-324-9551. Business Video Commercials affordable for local business budgets starting at 9. Live Actor and Actress professional spokesperson promotional video commercials and Local Business Commercials customized for your business will turn more of your website visitors into buyers.

Local businesses that use professional video commercials have the opportunity to engage customers when you have a professional spokesperson deliver your message. Business marketing videos can be used on websites, social media, your business YouTube channel and other platforms across the web increasing your overall web presence.

Affordable Business Video Production

We keep our prices low using high quality live actor/actress videos – industry targeted that we can customize with a variety of options: business name, phone number, animated video intros and call to action ending slides. Our videos can be fully optimized for SEO and search engine marketing to increase your presence on the web.

Video Commercial For Small Business

Videos are the hottest marketing trend today! A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words because it’s easier to engage customers with video than with text. Our live actor video spokespersons are professional actors and actresses with years of experience. They will deliver an industry niche specific script that has been tested to convert website visitors into buyers. Best of all your business has a professional video commercial and you didn’t have to be on camera.

Video Marketing for Small Business

Video marketing involves adding videos to your overall web marketing strategy, whether it’s in promotion of your company as a whole or just your products and services. Video marketing is growing in popularity, especially live actor/actress videos and animated whiteboard videos because videos are easy to share across various social media platforms. Video promotional videos not only increase your presence on the web and get your message across social media, but it funnels traffic to your website and helps push your website up in rankings.

Video SEO for Local Business

Finally, don’t forget to use Video SEO for your business video commercials. One of the biggest reasons for adding video content to your marketing plan is to boost your search engine ranking, but first you want customers to come across your video in all sorts of various web platforms and social media networks. We’ll be adding targeted keywords to your video title, tags, and description and much, much more! This will make it easier for consumers to find your video content and your website.

Video Marketing Local Small Business

When using a video commercial for your business you need to have a video marketing strategy in place. This includes various video topic themes and the various towns and cities you want to target. A business tends to gain a lot of traffic with just a single video in the proper web placements. By adding video to your various marketing channels – from email marketing to blog posts to landing pages it will help you build your business brand across the web. Video content also increases Google rankings, conversions, open rates, and click-through rates.

Video Commercial Marketing Benefits

Additionally, research shows that business video marketing helps increase sales by a significant amount. In a recent survey of 2,000 consumers, 44% of them watched an online video while they were doing a search for local products and services they needed. Out of that percentage, 53% of the viewers contacted the company after watching the video, 51% visited the company’s website, and 33% even visited the store. Overall, 71% of the viewers ended up buying something.

Let Local Business Video Commercials customize an affordable video commercial for your business and take your web marketing to a higher level.

We are based in Florida and serve local business customers all over the US. Call Now 772-324-9551.

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Business Videos – Small Business Video Marketing SEO Services